Welcome to Jaipur Hospital College of Nursing .



Social upliftment of community in general and rural community in particular through the spread of educational activities.


To provide Global level infrastructure at a local level, towards the upliftment of (Rural) society through professional education at nominal cost.

To provide value-based education to the students, to mould out of them citizens who would bring pride to the country. This will make Indian professionals, globally present and emerge as global leaders.

To stress on mental, physical, moral and spiritual development of the students and thereby help students in realizing their full potential and career goals.

To promote increased use of sciences and technology in day to day life through R & D and extension activities.

To achieve University status.


High standards of organizational integrity and social responsibility by commitment to the mission
Management comprises dedicated team of philanthropists, mostly educationists, working tirelessly in Honorable Capacity

Equal opportunity in Admission and Recruitment by selection based on merit, fairness, transparent and non-discriminatory system.

No Capitation Fees or donations in Admission and Recruitment

Non-exploitative and participatory employee policies
Full Pay Scales and benefits to employees. Employees participating in important management functions like recruitment and purchase

Financial conscientiousness
By way of timely preparation and auditing of annual accounts. Also timely circulation of Annual accounts to various stakeholders like donors, trustees, members of trust etc. and timely filing with Government authorities